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About us

  • To support the academic outcomes and social-emotional resilience and mental health of the students we serve evidenced by better grades in school and improved behavior, attendance and positive overall social skills.

  • To continuously and systematically address the needs of students we serve through an individual education plan that is framed by academic and affective goals set by both educator and student working together.

  • To serve as educational advocates for students, establishing communication and providing support to the schools they attend, by sharing of data we collect on student progress and gathering feedback from their schools to guide our interventions


  • To serve as a support to students’ parents, foster parents, and relatives who have designated guardianship and provide them guidance on how to positively navigate through the judicial and academic structures monitoring the wellbeing of their children


  • To support guardians ad litem in dependency court of the 11th judicial circuit which have been assigned to advocate in court for the wellbeing of the children we serve.




  • To be “the standard” by which other programs targeting the academic and social emotional needs of children from an environment that has placed them “at-risk” for failure, will work to improve  the opportunities of children for lifelong success.

  • To provide the model we have developed as “opensource” to others wishing to implement a structure that combines both academic and affective domains.

  • To evidence, through the deliberate design of our program, the collection and dissemination of data and the effectiveness of our interventions with youth, the end of a cycle of dependency and failure in the lives of the children and families we serve.

Return children to society well-equipped with the strategies to succeed; combined with the belief and experience that they can and they will.

Our program is framed by an intentional focus on the academic, as well as the affective aspects of the child. While we assist students with current academic tasks, we deliberately assess the academic deficiencies of each student and support their mastery of those skills. Additionally, we heavily focus on the social and emotional wellbeing of each student through a series of open ended and individual tasks. These are designed to engage each student in reflective thinking framed by their own individual experiences and equip them with tools to build personal resiliency. 

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