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Miami Laker Joins Guardian Watch

Longtime Miami Lakes resident and businessman Paul A. Marino, has joined forces with several Guardian Ad-Litems’ and professional educators to form Guardian Watch, Inc., a 501c(3).


The organization formed in 2013 and located in Miami Lakes, provides educational enrichment, mentoring, tutoring, meals, character development and in some cases transportation through its Managed Education Program to both foster and at-risk students located within the NW Dade Area.


Entering students are given a battery of tests to determine exactly where their academic/social weakness lies. Then, a comprehensive Individual Educational Plan (IEP) is developed to address each case. In many instances Counselors act as Educational Surrogates and advocate for the students within the Dade County School System working closely with their teachers and guidance counselors. Foster parents/guardians are provided with periodic reports in their preferred language to keep them abreast of their child’s development and progress.


A doctor in psychology address each student’s character and self-esteem development. Counselors and tutors must maintain a minimum equivalent of a State Certification in teaching plus a Jessica Lunsford level two-background check. Counselors dealing in science, technology or early learning must posses advanced degrees/certificates in their areas of specialty.


Dr. Mara Zapata, Director of Program Development and Integrity indicated that the program is the most comprehensive effort to address the total needs and development of our at-risk youth population.


The program currently serves approximately 25 students and plans on expanding in the fall to accommodate 50 individuals.


All services are provided at no charge to qualifying individuals.


For more information on the program contact Mr. Marino via email at


6/20/2016 - Class Reviews

"Changing Perspective Changing Life"

"At first I thought I just fail but then I came to this place and the outcome right now is A's and B's".​

Hear more from our students- more videos here.

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